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Ice Factory Skating Academy

Welcome to the Basic Skills Learn to Skate program

SNOWPLOW: The “Snowplow” levels are designed to help the skater develop preliminary coordination and strength necessary to maneuver on the ice. Time with Snowplow will allow skaters to be comfortable on the ice.
BASIC SKILLS: The “Basic skills” are the fundamentals of the sport. This program will introduce the fundamental
moves: forward skating, backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, three turns and mohawks. Upon completion of the Basic levels, skaters will have the basic knowledge of the sport, enabling them to advance to the more specialized areas of skating: Figure Skating, Hockey, Speed Skating or Recreational Skating.
 Your instructor will introduce you to the skills required to thoroughly enjoy the sport and create a healthy, fun and safe environment.

Class schedule:
Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm
Saturday 10:30am-11:30am

Each 8-week session includes:
30 min of instruction
30 min of practice
1 public skating punch card
Free skate rental for class

We have an open enrollment.
Your eight week session begins on the date of your first Learn to Skate class

$125/8 weeks (one class per week)
$200/8 weeks (two classes per week)

Absolutely no refunds or credits after the session begins
We are offering family discount $10 off for the second family member.

Learn to Skate USA membership required before taking the ice for group lessons.
All "Ice Factory Skating Academy" skaters must be registered at ($13 annual fee). Your membership packet will be mailed directly to you. Membership will run July 1-June 30 each year. Renewal of membershipwill be due every June 30th. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class so you can get your skates and be prepared to skate when class starts!


*New Students only

Booster and private lessons are available
For more information call Skating Director Tonia Berekhovskaia: 321-278-6686
Visit :
The Ice Factory, 2221 Partin Settlement Rd, Kissimee, FL, 34744


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How old do I have to be to take classes?
There are no age restrictions. All sessions are available for Tots (3 y.o.) thru Adults. Groups are formed on the ice by age & level.

What is the makeup & refund policy?
You may make up a class during your 8-week session on any other Learn to Skate lesson day. Students who take LTS classes twice a week can’t make up any missed classes, because skaters are receiving a discounted rate for the 8-week session. No refund or credits will be given after the session begins.

What should I wear for my skating lessons? 
Socks should be worn under your skates, and the skates should fit snugly in order to lend the proper support. Lace the skates all the way to the top, including hooks, and you’ll be ready to go. You should dress in warm comfortable clothing, which will not restrict your movements. Gloves or mittens are necessary and in a very cold arena, a hat and coat may also be needed. Skate rental is included but wearing your own skates is BEST! Good skates are essential to improve. Visit the Pro Shop to be fitted for skates.

When is my child ready for private lessons and how much do they cost?
A child can participate in private lessons at any time. Private lessons are made by appointment with a staff coach. Lessons are done on Freestyle sessions and occasionally during Public Skating. A skater, regardless or age or ability, may want individual help, rather than learning in a group situation. Whatever the reason, private lessons are the best way to learn more details and more skating skills. Private lessons are given in increments 30 to 60 minutes. 

In private lessons, you are responsible for 2 fees: 
Ice time: payable directly to Citrus Figure Skating Club. Lessons occur on freestyle sessions, which are reserved only for private instruction and for skaters practicing outside of lesson. Ice fees for freestyle sessions are $14/one session. Discounted punch card rates are available through the Citrus FSC. Contact the Skating Director to help select a coach.
Instructor’s fee: payable directly to the instructor. The average cost is $20/20 minute lesson. Length of lesson can vary depending on your needs and/or skating level.

What are booster lessons?
Booster lessons are an excellent supplement to Learn to Skate group classes. A skater may need help with certain elements, or just want to progress at a faster pace. This is a great way for your skater to experience the benefits of one-on-one training for a reduced cost. Receive 20 minutes PRIVATE Lesson for $20 including ice time on Main Rink during Freestyle session. Booster lessons are payable to the Citrus Figure Skating Club.

What else you can expect?
All skaters are able to participate in the annual Holiday show and in House competition.

Bring-a-Friend Day
The last lesson day is a Bring-a-Friend day. Skaters can bring a friend to
class for free!

Keep your eyes on the front board for news about shows, competitions and other events

For more information contact Tonia Berekhovskaia (skating director): 321-278-6686

Skate Great and Have an Ice Day!